~*xEricAx*~ (xstarxcorex) wrote,

Homeward Bound

So alot of things have come and passed in the span of me not writing.

Let's start with Monday, work and all that and I come home from work and the woman upstairs (who had been playing music loudly all weekend on and off) sees me get out of my car, shuts her door and turns the music on as soon as I get in the apartment. I could hear her bass over my dishwasher and video games.

The Friday before that was the store's Twilight party which was so fun and went so well!

Tuesday morning was a blast. NOT. I had to have a sit down with my upstairs neighbor because of the noise she loves to make. She was late of course and left an infant and a 4 year old out in the car by themselves... parked in a no parking zone in front of the building... She denied everything I accused her of (which I have witnessess for everything) and then the on site manager took out a letter that was written by the woman who lives above them comfirming everything I said.

Here's her defense, she is a loud talker that's how she is (she screams though), she never yells at the infant in her care she talks to her and the baby giggles (also not true), she plays her music extremely quiet... I shouldn't hear her bass over my dishwasher AND gears of War at the same time! She then proceeded to tell them that I smoke pot and had 4 friends over this weekend! I was at Jessica's or at work all weekend and I don't do anything (my on site manager knows this)... Then the lady tried saying Eric said to two other tenants (one of them being the woman wrote the letter) "I'm going to get this niggers out of here". He would never say something like that outside of the apartment LOL. So after she left (because she got out of hand talking about how she sings for "her Jesus" [and yes I complained about hearing her words at 8 am in my bedroom and understanding everything she was singing] and then trying to pin stuff on me) I had to explain about how what she was saying was not true and I can get proof of times of not being home on the weekend and they can come look in my apartment, there isn't even any alcohol or cigarettes in there... so needless to say I'd like to choke the shit out of the ignorant woman upstairs who is not legally on the lease (it was originally her husbands apartment and she just added her self on and they ignored it since she was married to the guy). AND I found out they had a similar sit down like this a year ago and the fuckers should have been evicted then (and they even said this themselves)

Mmm doctor's appointments, we love those. Everything came back cancer free but I still had to get abnomal cells removed... This was on Wednesday... I also got to see mom's new car, well SUV and drive it this week.

The had to put a grouding plate pad thing on my leg, freaky and they gave me novacaine with adrenaline in it... I did not like that feeling AT ALL. It scared me quite a bit. It made my heart race like crazy and my hands felt like they were hollow and I shook like crazy! All in all everything is taken care of for now so that's good!

Jessica is home from college so thank god I finally got to see her!!! We hung out Saturday and got a price on her tattoo and then Tuesday she got her tattoo! :-D I was supposed to hang out with her Wednesday after my doctor's appointment but I was so drained... I barely remember speaking to her!

I got to hang out with her Friday which was fun. We went to the Hut, watched the SU Game, watched Twilight and hung out. Good times.

Saturday we had a local static event at our store. It was loads of fun :-D It was a rap duo but the guys were really good!

I'm also 99% sure I'm moving back to Hastings after April. It will be much easier going back to school and everything... I stress out so much about paying bills that I think the less I have the easier it will be in the long run.
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