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Hoppy Easter!

So 18 more days and counting. I can't wait!! Yeah so it's kinda taking a step in the wrong direction but my schooling is important and my pets are to me too... I'd like them to have more room to run around in... I think with 2 acres we can manage that! And Yes I will be a good 25 / 30 minutes from Syracuse but I don't mind driving!

So Easter was good... food and family. YAY! LoL

Tomorrow is the Atticus Metal Tour show. STOKED. Tomorrow is also 10 months for Jay and myself... it seems a lot longer! LOL.

We took Zero to the dog park today and it was so cute. He had fun, but didn't quite know what to do with himself at first.

Got some sweet shows to go to in the next few weeks. Suicide Silence, 3Oh!3, Earth Crisis... I am looking into possible Nine Inch Nails tickets, Marilyn Manson tickets and Rancid / Rise Against tickets for later on in the summer... not quite sure yet.

Thankfully all of those are after school is done for the summer :-D

Hopefully my car is fixed tomorrow... It's hiccuping while idling and while driving a bit. We replaced all four fuel injectors and it's still not fixed. :-X. I hope it's nothing tooooooos serious. I love my car!

Plus I'd rather not have to buy a new one right now :-D

I filed my applications for TAP and FASFA today... now all I have to do is get my residency form (I have to go to Oswego to get that) and pay my tuition and I'm good. :-D

This week = awesome. YEP. I'm stoked for TERROR tomorrow. LOVE THEM! :-D Plus I finally will get to see Chris's band play (hopefully as doors are at 5 and I'm out at 5:30... unlesss I leave early... we will see...)

I'm off to maybe pack, not sure yet LoL
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