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Now That Life Has Calmed Down A Bit...

The move back home went okay. Jay and I split the night before my vacation started and I had to pack all by myself but at least he helped me move.

That week I hung out with Paula and her friend Rachel alot (thanks guys) and Stephie and her boyfriend George (thank you guys!) and I went to Mystic twice (once with Ashley and her lovely girlfreind Tiffany and once with Paula). After the outing with Paula we all went to B'ville Diner. FUNNNNNNN :-D

Went to the Suicide Silence / Bury Your Dead and had some fun... wasn't in the best mood because of the break up but it happens. The new singer for Bury Your Dead did not float my boat. Oh wells.

Jay and I went to 3Oh!3 the night before I moved... bad idea but it was so fun... we were so tired in the morning... HAHA.

After I moved home I went to the Earth Crisis / Madball / Walls of Jericho show... so fun! Made new friends and ran into old ones. YAY!

Mother's Day Jay and I got back together, which I was deathly ill for. Thought I had Swine Flu and thought I was going to die. HAHA. I had a wicked bad fever that I was shaking from, sore throat and aches like you would not believe!!

Mid week I found out a secret I should not have found out and things are rocky for us now. We are working on it...

One of the people who was involved with it I thought was respectable and it turns out she isn't... Told her how I felt and she doesn't understand why it's dirty to send pictures of yourself in a bra to someone's boyfriend. HM, no morale? She works across the hall from me and so does her boyfriend so now he gives me the stink probably because of some bogus story she gave him. God knows if she is actually cheating on the poor kid or not...

I'm excited that I start school in 10 days! WOOO... I'm thankful work is working around my schedule which means I am still full time! :-D

I got to see Jessica yesterday and her family (minus Becky and Joe). I missed her sooo much! and I get to see her tomorrow and then Thursday is my ASM meeting :-D Should be fun.

Jay is coming over on Sat night and I actually have Sunday off so we get to hang out :-D YAY!

I think that's everything. Sorry to those of you who thought I died or something... just haven't had the time or the mood to write.
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