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School Has Kept Me Busy...

So I am done with my English class as of today... I'm hoping I get an A. So we shall see!! I'm taking a break from my Psychology class right now. We had our second exam at 6 and have to be back by 7. It was a tough one and hopefully I will pass. Our last exam, I got a 90/120 which equaled a B so not bad and on our writing assignments I've basically scored a 20/20 and I'm doing all four so I will get extra credit :-D.

Jay moved back in with me at my mom's and hopefully he will find a job soon. He's been looking but there isn't too much in Syracuse, well anywhere really.

Our one year was June 13th, which was a lot of fun, even though I had to go to work the next day and do inventory. Here's what Jay wrote, and it pretty much sums it all up.

"Erica and I had our one year on the 13th. It was a lot of fun!

We went to the waterfall where we had our first date. The water was nice, but not warm enough for swimming. We just sat with our feet in the water instead and took pictures!

I also got her a nice framed Twilight poster of Edward and Bella. of course, my stupid ass failed to remember that she has no room to hang it up. Haha. She liked it anyway. I am sure we can find a place for it.

We went to the Jacuzzi room I had rented for us and used the hot tub for a while, then it was off to dinner!

Then we went to dinner at Cavallo's. We went to Carmella's originally, but the prices were insane, so we left. The food was amazing. A family of yuppie morons kept looking back at us and giving us stupid looks. We took great delight in talking about them, just loud enough for them to hear of course lol.

Then,we went to the fountain in downtown Utica, where we also had a date last summer. After that, it was back to the nice room, for the hot tub.....and the rest is history. :-D"

We've seen Terminator: Salvation, Night at the Museum: Battle for the Smithsonian, Angels and Demons and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in the past month. All of the movies were great! I'm so happy that good movies are finally coming back out again!

Work has been work. It's good and I've done lots of interviews for seasonals. We hired one girl so far so that's always good.

My Psych class ends the 16th so that's exciting. If I do well in both classes (C or above), I may be able to petition to get financial aid back (well be eligible for it, I never was the first time I was here, my mom made too much money).

This past Saturday, Jay and I went and saw Combichrist, Julien-K, Aesthic Perfection and Dismantled in concert in Buffalo... and I was the first one to get in! (Besides the VIP people who had to go in the back and got in early). So either way the show was fantastic and goth girls are not meant to dance... It was funny...

I have 4th of July weekend off and have no idea what to do. I think I'm going to take the dogs to the dog park in Liverpool... I think Luther would really enjoy that.

Well I think that's everything that's been going besides me going to the gym... which I put on muscle weight. ACK! So now I gotta work a little harded to lose weight. GO ME :-P

Oh, and I had a doctor's follow up for my cervical dysplasia in June... they found another small spot of it. This time they won't have to cauterize it, they only need to freeze it off! YAY! I get to go do that the 9th. The biopsy they did on the 25th was awful! The first sample didn't want to detach... tugging and clipping for a minute is really more painful than it sounds...

Okay, now I really think that's everything...
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