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I Love That New Car Smell...

Since I've last update I went to three shows.

The 10 for 10 tour on the 7th, CKY on the 9th and Otep on the 20th.

10 for 10 was so much fun! I went with Stephie and Matt.
CKY was amazing as always, and I took my brother and sister for their first concert.

Otep was okay... not as great as I expected, but it was good none-the-less.

Erm, let's see.

Besides work I've been working on getting my financial aid set up for school.

OH! And I now need a new car. My car's headgasket is currently going. ACK. So I'm car shopping, and hopefully I can find a good deal on something I want.

Luther is sick today... :-( We think he pulled his leg muscles... hopefully it's that and not "I-ate-something-I-shouldn't"...

Hopefully I will be getting my medusa done this week! :-)

That's it for now!
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