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The First Full Week

Of classes is done. I'm touching up my hair as I type this and rumor has it my yellow will be shipped out this week! YAY!

And thats like the only thing worth mentioning that's awesome this week. This week has been a major bummer... with a few ups that come crashing down almost instantaneously.

Long story short, I'd like to write a short letter...

Dear Drama,
Get the fuck out of my life so I can be happy again. K Thanks bye.

I've hung out with a few people in the past week. It was fun for the most part. I got to hang out with Amanda and some people she knew. That was nice :-)

Jay and I hung out Saturday night and we got talk some things out after he managed to kill my ability to sleep Thursday night. Needless to say, our friendship is good now.

I also found out this week that certain people LOVE to manipulate how I feel... I was kissed by two guys this week and BOTH had/has girlfriends. REALLY?! WTF! One of them I super like and I just know it won't go anywhere... and I'm mega bummed about it... even though he's single now, it's just like FML. URGH! I just really hate being lead on... especially when the person is AWESOME.

I got my new car Wednesday... it's wonderful and is the only thing keeping me sane right now.

I've got a sore throat and I hope I'm not getting sick...

My medusa is healing up well. I'm glad I got that pierced.

Bah, I need to go pay my bills and shower to get this dye out and go to bed... School 9 - 1:30, work 2 - close.

Until next time.
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