~*xEricAx*~ (xstarxcorex) wrote,

Holy Wow...

it's been a while since I've written. I originally wrote it's been a while since I've dated. LMAO. Wow. Good job brain!

Let's keep it simple.

I got a new car and I love it. It's expensive but worth it.

Lot's of guy drama. Had a boyfriend for two weeks (Tom), we split last Wednesday, no biggie. I had someone else make out with me (had a gf) and then tell me a week later I was like a sister to him... ODD. Then we were going to be friends and he just upped and avoided me until the other day. Like really? WOW. We were going to hang out sometime this week but I doubt that's going to happen... This should be an interesting semester.

Shows. I went to see MyChildren MyBride, Impending Doom, the Acacia Strain and August Burns Red twice this past week. AMAZING! I saw them in Rochester on Wednesday and then two nights ago I saw them in Syracuse. Of course, our show was much more intense AND I got to meet and talk with Vince (the lead singer for the Acacia Strain) and mention how Rochester was lame AND he agreed.

From Saturday's show, I have a massive bruise on my spine above my tailbone from the pit and lots of other bruises. The night was good. I went and hung out with Jim and his friend Josh for a while in Caz. It was nice to just get out of the house.

Yesterday Jay came over and we hung out. :-). I'm glad that things are good between us (friends). I hate having animosity with someone I used to share an important part of my life with.

School and work are my main focuses, since they are kicking my ass together. LoL. I try to hang out with friends as much as possible to keep my mind off of the hecticness. I have made quite a few friends at school too and that's always awesome :-).

So my yellow hair dye finally showed up two Saturday's ago. I was way more excited than a kid in a candy shoppe. Funny part is most kids my age are out drinking and fucking on a Saturday night... me nah. I'm working and then coming home to hair dye that makes me spaz when I see it in my mailbox. So needless to say, tomorrow I should have new hair, granted that it bleaches out right.

Oh and my student loans are deliquent. FML. :-(. I'm working on it. I woulda had some money but I had to pay the house taxes. :-X. I hate being broke. My mom just texted me and told me to quit eating out at places... Jay and I had pizza last night, he bought, not me. :-(. I would really rather not get a second job... We shall see.

And some girl just started staring at me. Weird.

Tom needs to hurry up and get out of work so we can hang out... and I'm starving... And I'm gonna go now.
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