~*xEricAx*~ (xstarxcorex) wrote,

The end of the semester...

... is drawing to a near close...

I've learned alot of things about myself and about how people function... There goes thinking you knew everything :-P.

So where have I left off...

October was my last update. Life is pretty much still the same...

I have some amazing friends at school whom I love very much, I have my classes, my work, and other people in my life who are good...

The group of us from OCC went and saw Boondock Saints II and went to Denny's the day before Thanksgiving. I can honestly say that was one of the best nights I have had this semester :-).

Thanksgiving was good, Jay joined us. Grandpa's not doing so well with the Alzeheimer's but that's life.

Black Friday, worked 6 - 2:30... had a movie night at Annee's. YAY :-)

Since then it's been mainly work and school. I went to a show this past Thursday... got to see Throwdown and Bury Your Dead and then Saturday I saw Thursday and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Yesterday was my Wind Ensemble concert... all I gotta say is we played well surprisingly and I looked good for a change :-).

So that's been the outter edge of my life this past month and half...

To start off, my battle with HPV is not going anywhere... tests still came back abnormal. Very stressful to find this out towards the end of my semester... I just pray nothing is turning into cancer. I don't need that, especially not now when I'm pulling my life together...

What else, oh... the constant struggle with Jay's roommates is slightly aggravating. They won't let him be happy and they constantly bother him while we're hanging out... There's on in perticular who's a huge hypocrite too... she says he isn't home enough but she can't be out whoring around and not taking care of her children whenever she wants leaving him and the other roommate to take care of them but she's the good guy? YEAH NO.

Then there's some minor, extremely minor drama at school... don't tell me you're going to be friends with me and just use me to make out and not talk to me. If you can't say hi to the person you're friends with in public / at school, then you're a huge fucking liar. If you can't be friends with me because I'm friends with a few of your exes and a few people you don't like, then that's fucking petty... seriously.

Honesty is my best policy and I just wish everyone else followed it. People wonder why I don't show much emotion or pour my heart and soul out... it's because people lie. ALOT. Be honest with one another, it makes things so much simplier and less complicated. REALLY IT DOES.

I don't mean to sound like I'm bitching... things would be a tad easier if people weren't petty... (in general).

If you can't be my friend, then you're losing out. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm amazing and loyal to those that are my friends.

Never back down, never give in.
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