~*xEricAx*~ (xstarxcorex) wrote,


I am not writing about this because I'm pissed off. I'm thankful.

I am thankful that I am no longer friends with someone who lies to everyone including themselves. I refuse to be friends with people that get so caught up in their lives they no longer know what's the truth.

I am also happy that I'm no longer romantically involved with anyone like this. When emotions get involved it's tough to pull away. I've done it and am ready to move foward and ahead in a new direction.

If this person wants to be involved with someone underage and lie to his friends about her then she obviously isn't important enough to him. If he wants to still flirt text me (which I didn't want) and lie to her about not liking anyone else, not my problem. Best part is, today he told me he still had feelings for me. LMFAO. You're with someone else. Really?

So when I call him out on his bullshit, he tells me to have fun being fat and alone. You can fix fat (Which I am working on it), but you can't fix ugly or your messed up teeth. You can't fix your head until you want to get it fixed and you can't fix the fact your fixated on younger women and you are going to wind up in jail.

Enjoy spreading HPV around to other women and possibly giving them cancer, being a slut has gotten you nowhere in life. Lying has gotten you nowhere in life. It only pisses off the nice friends your have and your family.

So I'm ready to move foward and ahead, hopefully with someone new and if not, oh well! *sigh* its like if I only knew what time I wasted, I wouldn't have bothered. Not for all of the frustration I've gone through.

I've learned a lesson...

I'm renewed.

You were a rebound that lasted too long.
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