~*xEricAx*~ (xstarxcorex) wrote,

In the Long Run...

... things should work out. At least I hope so.

Surgery is over and done with and I'm healing up well. I go back to work the 28th so that'll be a relief... Things lately have been good for the most part and I am praying to whatever god likes me they stay that way.

I've got great friends at school and hopefully making a few more by the end of the semester. My friends are amazing and I truely cherish the time we've had together.

Things with my family are alright, wish my grandpa was in better health... he fell almost a week ago and we were worried he might have had a stroke... but he didn't so that's always good. Bad news he was in the hospital for a few days and he has to have 24 hour around the clock care and he isn't happy with the options we have given him... I feel bad but sadly that's how life goes.

There's some things in my life I wish I could fix but I gotta be patient and wait it out. Gah. I'm trying to take summer classes to hopefully help make up for some of the crap I've had to deal with this semester.

I am breaking edge this weekend. My life has changed quite a bit and being straightedge isn't right for me anymore. No I won't go running around being a constant drunk whore or anything like that or smoke myself stupid, but I will periodically drink once in a while. I've reached that point of my life where I feel I am responsible enough to myself and my life now where I will not fuck anything up and I won't do anything stupid :-D

So now for the venting... certain people in this world have a seriously warped up view of how things work and what is acceptable and what isn't. Apparently emotionally cheating is completely exceptable and isn't cheating but I don't think that's the case. I just don't understand why people think it's okay to do this. It's just as bad as any other cheating!

One more thing. People that are happy that don't deserve to be piss me off. It seems like the good people in life always get walked all over and fucked over... makes no sense... Oh well :-) I can handle it Haha

So glad the weather is perking up. I think that's everything, my mental ADD is starting to kick in.
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