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I Survived.

I did it. Didn't die. Didn't fuck up my life and had complete control over myself. I win.

Zak's party was fun and I rule at beer pong. I kept my buzz and remained "mom" most of the night. :-) Rock band was good too and some other people I really wanted to go came :-) All in all it was a good night... sadly the week didn't stay this way.

Sunday was alright, the aftermath of the party wasn't terrible and then at night shit just went bad. Exes running their mouthes ruined my night with an awesome dude. :-( Thankfully we got to straighten that out this week.

I found out Monday night when I finally came home that my Grandpa is moving to Florida permanently this Tuesday. Not thrilled. My family is tiny as it is and I don't like it getting smaller. Not to mention there's already issues with certain family memebers and being greedy. :-(. Your family member's health is more important than fucking money.

I've got friend drama going on as well. I don't want to lose my friends (and I'm not directly involved with any of it, I'm just the "mom" of the group so everyone comes to me with it and I don't mind.) and I don't want the group to get seperated. I think back to when I was 20 and never had any of this shit happen, I just had to deal with having an extremely short fuse and a slight anger problem hehe.

I've also got more back pain. FML. I caught the stupid allergy sinus crap thats going around and from coughing so hard I pulled back muscles (I hope).

Annee's party is tomorrow and I hope things go well :-) I thoroughly enjoy hanging out with my friends, they make me happy.

This morning was good too :-)... confusing but good.

I love you guys. :-)
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