~*xEricAx*~ (xstarxcorex) wrote,

One After Another...

... my body keeps getting sick! First it was cold sores, then my wisdom teeth came in, then some girly issues and now a head cold!

WOO :-D So I have spent my past two days off in pj's with tissues in hand :-P

Life has been pretty decent despite constantly trying to heal something. I love my new phone. I went with the Dare. It's all touch screen and I am getting quite used to it!

Oh and the biggest best news ever. I'M REGISTERED FOR SUMMER CLASSES AT OCC!!! So yes I am going back, maybe not full time, maybe not full time right away but I will see how it goes... I really need medical insurance and I get it through work working full time... :-) So I can always try and juggle a few classes and work? :-) I live alot closer to OCC now so it should be easier... no more 1 hour long drive to class but more like 20 minutes to drive to class :-) Jay has to go up there tomorrow to do his placement testing and then he will get scheduled and go to VA Affairs and everything will be squared away with him! I need to get a loan (I'm currently non-matriculated because I fucked up last time I was there)... sooooo if I pass my two summer classes I get back to being matriculated which means financial aid. YAY! (I wasn't eligible for it before because apparently my mother made too much money and now that I'm on my own they will see I make shit in comparison).

My hair has grown out sooo much. In a couple weeks when the colors fade quite a bit I will be changing them (of course the one time I want my hair to fade, it doesn't do it as quickly as I'd like). I got my yellow in the mail last week and have the red and orange already :-D. I will have black underneath so it's going to look sweeeeet, or so I hope.

Jessica called and told me Stephen Lynch will be playing in SUNY Potsdam so hopefully we'll get to go to that!

I'm going to see Thursday next week in concert! WOOO!!!

Joe is willing to switch my schedule around for me which I have no problem working any day he would like me too minus Tuesday because that's when the Thursday concert is)

So all in all despite being broke as hell, this next week will be great! :-D

And I really can't wait to do my hair. :-)
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