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We went to see Watchmen for free before it came out in theaters on the 2nd. It was amazing!

The next day I had a doctor's appointment and that was oh so fun. I had a mole removed (and biopsied) so I had fresh stitches and then it was off to the Taste of Chaos show in Clifton Park... Mmmmm Thursday! We also saw Cancer Bats (very good!), Four Year Strong (decent), Pierce the Veil (awful vocals, but the rest, decent), and Bring Me the Horizon (brutal). The show was alot of fun! It was definitely worth the drive and the cost of tickets (they were only $20 each, not bad!). The only sucky thing was having the stitches but I definitely toughed it out for Thursday and I got my butt right up front! :-D It was amazing and I was definitely overdue to see them. The last time I saw them live was at Hellfest 2003 and that means 5 1/2 years ago!

However, on the way there I got a phone call from my same doctor's test telling me my Pap Smear came back abnormal so I would have to have a colposcopy and a biopsy of my cervix done, which I had this past Tuesday. HOLY SUCK FEST. It was very uncomfortable and hurt when he took the second sample... My mom was amazing and took the day off to go with me since I was a bit nervous as I never had the procedure done before. She also took me out to lunch afterwards so in turn I went with her to take my grandfather grocery shopping. Lunch was so good.

Good news about the mole is it came back cancer free... if I had let it stay longer it could have turned into something so it's a good thing it's gone. I'm really hoping my cervical biospy comes back cancer free, because that would be amazing... plus no one really wants cancer... I did some research and there are only 10,000 cases of cervical cancer reported per year because routine screenings (pap smears) call out the abnormal cells and those are removed before they can turn into anything else (if it is cancer free then he will just freeze my cervix and remove the cells!) YAY!

So keep your fingers crossed or whatever it is you do, for me. Okay?

Works been decent. Nice thing is, last week I got to tell some scene douche bags to get out of the store for being dicks. They were pissing me and Heather off and they were pissing off customers... They had the nerve to come back in today and look at plugs and it made me laugh because they shut the fuck up the whole time they were in the store. :-D

Tomorrow is 9 months for me and Jay. I'm really suprised it has been this long already!

And hopefully tomorrow I will have new hair.

I got to work at Great Nothern tonight instead of Carousel, it was slow but a nice change of scenery.
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