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For You I Will Wear My Sunday Best On Tuesday...

Car got fixed Monday! It was apparently bad parts... most likely the fuel injectors and if my mechanic got new ones (we had used ones before) and didn't charge me for them, he's in deep deep trouble!! :-P

So Monday's show was fuuuuuuunnn. I fell in love with a new band (well new to me). The Ghost Inside. Amazing live! Terror was just as good as when I've seen them before... All Shall Perish was good, Winds of Plague and Emmure, not so impressed with. Definitely CD bands, and I do like them on CD. It was weird. Toph's band Unfinished Business wasn't too bad! Ran into lovely people (Adam, Steph, Deb, Matt and the like) and it was all in all a good time. :-)

Wednesday was off to Potsdam! :-D I got to hang out with Jessica and see Mr. Stephen Lynch. Absolutely fabulous and hysterical. Watching annoying drunk girl fall down the bleachers on her butt was awesome... and watching her try to climb back up holding on for dear life was also hysterical. However, the bleacher butt I got from it was not so cool... My bum hurted! :-P

And basically Thursday through today I've been going to work, the dog park and the gym... what a fun week... My next day off isn't till Wednesday (and my last day off was Wednesday).... I'm half way through my long stretch! :-D

I have another doctor's appointment Wednesday. Hopefully all goes well.

Now some random thoughts.

If your boyfriend wears a shirt that reads "The Man [then an arrow pointing up] and then The Legend [with an arrow pointing down]" Then congratulations! You are officially dating White trash... ohhhh and the shirt screams "tiny penis" too... *coughJay'sEx'sNewBfcough*
ROFL ROFL I needed to share that.

A and B are dating. C is a friend of B. A blames C for his relationship errors. I fucking love that. DOUCHEBAG. I could understand if C was really at fault but in reality A is just being kinda a douche at the moment. Lesson learned? Look at yourself before pointing the mighty finger of blame...

I think I'm done. I'm going to go pack (maybe hee hee) and listen to more The Ghost Inside.
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