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X Simplified Complications X

Yeah I Rock, No Questions About It

2 November 1985
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Hello... I am 22 years old (yeah yeah I'm getting old and starting to have Alzheimer's)...I went to OCC as a music major, but now I'm a Full Time Assistant Manager for Hot Topic. I'm just your average person, whos obsessed with hair dying and music. I am a fan of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) when I get a chance to do stuff other than work (which is almost never) and I love getting tattoos and piercings. You can kinda see what I look like from the icon. If you found my journal by random, do not be afraid to say hi! Uh, that's it?
a perfect circle, a static lullaby, a.f.i., afi, allister, american nightmare, anorexic beauty queen, anti-flag, armsbendback, astrology, atreyu, audio karate, bands, bane, bass, biohazard, black, blink 182, bracelets, brother's keeper, campouts, cats, coheed and cambria, colorguard, comedy, converge, dane cook, darkest hour, days away, ddr, digital art, dillinger escape plan, drawing, drug free, dyeing hair, earth crisis, ed gein, eightteen visions, emo, every time i die, fairweather, field band, finch, first blood, found dead hanging, freya, from autumn to ashes, further seems forever, gatsbys american dream, glassjaw, guitar, hardcore, hatebreed, hellfest, hoobastank, hopesfall, horoscopes, if hope dies, in flames, incubus, iron maiden, it dies today, jimmy eat world, killswitch engage, kittie, lamb of god, less than jake, linkin park, long since forgotten, makeup, martyr a.d., matchbook romance, metal, midtown, moneen, most precious blood, motorcycles, mp3s, music, my chemical romance, nora, norma jean, pagan, painting, photography, photoshop, piercing, piercings, poison the well, prayer for cleansing, punk, purple, safety pins, sarcasm, saves the day, saving throw, screaming, screamo, shadowsfall, shai hulud, shopping, sick of it all, singing, ska, slayer, snapcase, soulfly, stairwell, stars, static x, straight edge, straightedge, stretch armstrong, stretching, sugarcult, swift, sworn enemy, sxe, taking back sunday, tarot cards, tattoos, techno, terror, the bronx, the early november, the funeral, the hope conspiracy, the locust, the movielife, the red chord, the suicide file, the used, thrice, throwdown, thursday, tool, tribunal records, trustkill records, tsunami bomb, undying, unearth, vegetarianism, victory records, walls of jericho, winterguard, writing music, zao